Different sweater dresses

You want to stay cozy during chilly seasons, and a stylish sweater dress is a chic way to look great while still keeping warm. With a simple knit sweater dress, classic turtleneck sweater dresses and other casual dresses, you’ll be set for the fall, winter and even spring. Visit http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sweater-Dresses-100588/ for cheap sweater dresses online.

sweater dresses
sweater dresses
sweater dresses

Mid-thigh. These short fall dresses are the perfect length for layering over opaque leggings or skinny jeans, because they allow you to show off trim legs. Wear mid-thigh casual dresses with cute ankle boots that match your jeans or leggings to make your legs look even longer. These fashion dresses are also complemented by belts slung low on the hips or at the natural waist.

Knee-length. For a look that is flattering on everyone, purchase sweater dresses that hit just above the knee or just below it. Tall riding boots look wonderful with winter dresses of this length, especially black fashion dresses, but you can also wear ankle boots or even peep-toe heels to elongate your legs. Don’t just stick to boring knee-length winter dresses, either. You can easily spice things up with a wide corset belt and fun, chunky jewelry. Look for vintage dresses or vintage-inspired pieces you can wear with pearls for a classic look. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sweater-Dresses-100588/

Turtleneck. To keep warm in the coldest weather, you’ll want to try turtleneck sweater dresses. These classic fall dresses cover the neck and usually have long sleeves; they often hang to the knee or mid-calf. For a twist, you can look for a knit sweater dress that has short sleeves or cap sleeves and add cable-knit or patterned tights to add more texture. Vintage dresses with soft turtlenecks and long sleeves can also be dressed down with flats and colorful tights.

V-neck. Look for dresses with an unexpected neckline, such as a V-neck, for a more delicate outfit. Designer dresses made of smooth knit fabric with V-necks will allow you to show off pretty collarbones and add a simple necklace for elegance. V-neck designer dresses are also great options for curvier women, as they draw the eye upward toward the face. For black friday UK sales, visit http://www.tbdress.com/Topic/Black-Friday-Tb-Design-Skirts-Deals-5-104039/

Cardigan Care labels

Women who love cardigans often complain about how quickly they stretch out of shape and lose their original quality. The problem generally is that people don’t know how to clean and maintain their sweater collections. For christmas women cardigan check out http://www.tbdress.com/Christmas-Cardigan/.

The biggest benefit a woman can provide her collection of cardigans is to care for them according to the care labels. Generally, this means to hand wash them in cold water, then dry them flat. This is appropriate for almost every fiber used in making cardigans. If the care tag says a cardigan may be safely dry cleaned, then dry cleaning is appropriate. Once a sweater is clean and dry, depending on its weight, it may need to be stored folded, not hung, to prevent the sweater’s own weight from stretching it on the hanger.

It is true that care labels offer very conservative instructions for the protection of clothing. For example, the labels on many cotton cardigans will recommend dry cleaning, simply to ensure that no shrinkage at all will occur. But until a person is sufficiently familiar with how different fibers respond to different cleaning and drying techniques, it makes sense to follow the labels.

Various fibers respond differently to different kinds of treatment. When rayon is thrown into a hot drier, the fiber contracts, wrinkling the garment. Sometimes it can be damp ironed smooth so the garment looks and fits properly but not always. When wet wool is thrown into a hot drier, the fiber contracts. It will never return to the original size. This is how felt is made. Women who follow the instructions on the care label have cardigans that look new much longer. For Christmas deals and sale online, visit http://www.tbdress.com/topic/christmasinTBdress/