Affordable Hoodies

Hoodies are becoming a popular fashion piece nowadays. They come in different style and colors. They are not only stylish but also functional this rainy season. With so many different style, one can pick accoding to his or her own preference. Let’s talk about the basic types of hoodies.

There just two major type of hoodies. The Zip up hoodies and the opposite of it, pullover hoodies.

The zip up hoodies are the most common type and most flexible too. You can wear it over a dress, a tee, a suit or a tank top. It is not a stand alone hoodie and is meant to add layers to your skin. I like them for their versatility because I can either zip up or zip down and flaunt my top while wearing it. Also I like the fact that it is easy to take on and off just when I’m feeling a little too warm on them or bulky. I always have a zip up hoodie in my bag just in case I need an extra layer or cover my top. Check it out at

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Pullover hoodies are non-zippered hoodies. My sister prefers this type of hoodies because she has long hair and her hair keeps on getting caught in between the zippers. Most pullover hoodies depending on your preference can stand alone. There are also dress-type hoodies that fall into this category. Most of them also has pockets on the front that can use to warm your hands on cold weather.

I personally prefer zip up hoodies because I style my hair first before dressing up so a pullover hoodies can ruin my hairdo. Plus I’m always on the go and always in different places. I like to wear them and off easily if I have too.

I recommend korean style hoodies that are available in as they are all trendy, glamorous and always in-style. They are slim fitted hoodies that is perfect for my petite body. Fashion hoodies need not to be expensive, offers cheap hoodies that fit your body and lifestyle.


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