How to wear your bag

Your handbag is as important to your fashion statement as your shoes, jewelry, or any other accessory you wear. Your handbag can take your image from dull and boring to bold and sophisticated or fun and sexy. That’s why it’s so important to know how to choose the right handbag. Check out

women handbag
women handbag
women handbag

The strap length of your handbag can be vital to your overall look. If your busty, a short-strap shoulder bag that snuggles under your arm will draw the eye straight to your bust. To visually reduce the appearance of a large bust try a women handbag that rests closer to your waist or hips to draw the eye away from your bust and give your body more balance. Of course if you would like to look bustier just the opposite will work. If you have wide hips a short strapped shoulder bag will help draw the eye up and away from your hips. A satchel style handbag like a doctor bag or speedy style bag works well with most body types since these are generally carried on your arm and not over your shoulder where they will hang close to your body.

We all like to carry a handbag that is stylish, fashionable and figure flattering but unfortunately it still needs to be functional. If you need to purchase a smaller bag to accent your body type look for a bag that features pockets and organizer compartments to help the with the daily function of the bag. Choosing a user friendly material for a handbag is a very important part of the function of a handbag. As a mother of four children, I know that we sometimes have to sacrifice style for function.

For a polished and put together look, always be consistent in the simularity of the style and purpose of your handbag and shoes. To create a finished look wear shoes and a bag that are both suited for the activity or situation. It is not necessary for your bag and shoes to be an exact match in color as long as they compliment each other in style and mood. offers christmas sale at incredible prices, visit them at


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