Types of shoes every girl should have

Does a new pair of shoes brighten up your day? Do you have a closet full of shoes like me? Do you believe that our shoes sometimes matches our mood? If you nod while reading this. Chances are you have one or more pairs of these types of shoes below.

Classic pumps. They are a must-item just like the little-black-dress outfit. It suits every wardrobe and work perfectly from day to night. I have a gazillion pairs of this type but I recommend having at least one neutral color like black or tan. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Shoes-101913/ for fashionable and cheap shoes online.

Ballet flats. We love heels but we want to give our legs a break once in awhile. So what-else can our feet rest other than a pair of adorable ballet flats. They are comfy and girly to wear. Love to wear them over a casual walk in the park or long stroll in the mall.

Boots. Either UGGs, riding boots or high heeled boots. You should have at least one of every pair I must say. Nothing looks so chic and stylish than a pair of jeans and boots. Perfect on almost every occasion except the most formal ones. Visit http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Boots-100923/ for cheap women’s boots available online.

Wedges. My favorite type of shoes. Heels without the discomfort, need I say more? I have one of every color, they’re just so nice to pair with summer dresses, shorts, tank tops and everything in my closet. A definite must-have shoes of every woman.

Sneakers. Whether you are sporty or not. It’s best to be prepared and have a pair of sneakers in your closet. You’ll never when the need to work-out or run arise. They offer the best support for your arches that prevents you from injuries. Also they are extra comfortable especially if you have to be on your feet for a longer time.

Shoes are beautiful accessories and they make us look good and feel good. No matter how many type of shoes you might have, remember to store and care for it properly to enjoy them at the fullest and maximize their worth. Grab the chance to take on black friday deals and sale on blackfridayInTBdress or take a big discount at on our hottest cyber monday deals at CyberMondayInTBdress Happy shopping!


Strut that sexy lingerie

The goal to being sexy is to feel sexy. Confidence equates sexiness so choose a lingerie that will enhance your personality. But don’t be afraid to experiment different style and explore your inner creativity.

Try on different colors. Red is not only for Valentines and underwear doesn’t just come in black or white. Play with different colors and find out the best for you.

Buy the right size and double check your measurement if fitting is not allowed. You don’t want a bra that’s too tight or spilling out your breast. Also proper measurement gives you adequate support and comfort while wearing them. This also helps us avoid a visible panty line in our daytime attire.

Invest in good quality lingerie and matching set. It’s always better to be prepared that rush to the bathroom for a quick change. :) You don’t want to be caught on a bad quality lingerie when there’s a need to take off your clothes off in front of others.. your boyfriend or a medical professional perhaps?

Be adventurous. Less isn’t always more when it comes to lingerie. Corsets and teddies aren’t just for wedding nights so forgo that dull jockey style undies and consider other comfortable style out there.

Finding the right lingerie is not just about finding the one that fits you but also complements your personality. Uncomfortable lingerie can turn into a disaster if not worn properly. So choose your style well and check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Sexy-Lingerie-100282/ for a wide variety of seductive and cheap lingerie available in all sizes.