Go Vintage on your Prom Day

Want to stand out on your prom day?  Wearing something that nobody else has even seen before is gorgeous! so Why don’t we go Vintage! So where to start? Read on to find out.

Know your Measurements - Vintage sizing is different from the modern sizing so you really have to be careful with this because you can’t trust tags.

Photo Search! - Having some type of image reference so you know what you want to look like is important. Like do you want to look more of the 80′s? or 50′s? do a little research of that you really want to be on your prom day.

Know your Budget – Reasonable price range of a vintage dress costs around 100 – 350. Less 100$ is also out there but you just have to keep on looking! Check this out: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Vintage-Prom-Dresses-7932/ for under 100$ dress.

A-Line V-Neck Floor-Length Evening Dress

A-Line V neck Floor Length Nastya's Prom Dress

Fantastic A-Line Sweetheart Knee-Length Prom Dress

Fit Fit Fit! - Once you’re in the store looking at dresses, fit should be the first consideration, Ask yourself. Can I sit down and be comfortable?  Can I dance in this? Can I eat?

Check the Quality of the Garment - It shouldn’t feel dried out which is very easy to tell. Don’t be afraid to ask for alterations if needed.

Take care of your dress –  Find the best dry cleaner in your town and have it cleaned right after you buy it.

Be yourself! and everything will be fine. Goodluck! and enjoy the prom.





Affordable wedding dresses

Many brides consider the wedding dress as their special item. But the goal of a wedding dress is to also give a fiance a moment of awe when he first sees the bride. While most brides still follow the tradition of keeping the wedding dress a complete surprise for their fiances, it doesn’t hurt to get his opinion on some basic styles. Some men would not want their future wives to wear anything too revealing, for example, or some men might find a particular trend strange or tacky. While the final choice of the dress is the bride’s, she and her husband-to-be can enjoy their special day more if the fiance knows that he had a little bit of input in the amazing dress that his bride is wearing. Tidebuy.com offers stylish but affordable wedding gowns for every bride, visit http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Wedding-Dresses-75/

inexpensive wedding dresses
inexpensive wedding dresses
inexpensive wedding dresses

There are many big-name designers in the wedding dress industry. Some brides enjoy the status of a major label, but that status comes at a very high price. If possible, brides should begin their wedding dress search without looking at labels. When brides focus on details like silhouette and color, they find the dress that looks best on them instead of falling in love with a designer dress that might not be as flattering. Buy inexpensive wedding dresses that has high quality fabric and a style that fits your unique body type.

Most wedding dresses are well designed and are made of rich fabrics. It’s hard for a bride to not get swept up in the process of buying a dress. Having one or two friends or family members help with the process of buying a dress can keep a bride on track in terms of budget and style. When a bride is buying a dress, whether it is online or in a store, it also helps for her to have a second set of eyes check out the dress. The bride may overlook details about sizing or fabric, but another person can catch all of the information and help the bride keep a level head. Brides should remember, however, that it is their wedding and their wedding dress. If a bride’s friends and family dislike a dress that she prefers, the bride should not be afraid to ignore their advice and choose the option that she loves.